To be an explorer is to have hunger towards the unknown, to desperately look for the untouched, and to wander without feeling lost. On a trip to The North of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia we will be exploring the biggest project of Vision 2030: Neom. As we will be visiting Sharma, Gayal, Magna, Wadi Tayeb Esm, and Tabuk. On this trip we will be learning as we experience the joy of exploring! We will enjoy camping between the mountains of the north and under its starlit sky, as well as enjoying sea activities, and knowing more about the mystery of the lost airplane.

Join us to enjoy the experience of exploring!



Important Information:

  Best timing: April – May – June – July – September – October.
Required level of fitness: Tourism. No level of fitness required.
Type of path: Tourism
  The airport of arrival and departure : Prince Sultan Airport , Tabuk.
Best age to contribute with our trips: 16-60 years old
Stay: Camping on Sharma beaches
network: Partially available.


DAY 1 Arrival at Tabuk airport 16:00
DAY 1 Head to Sharma 17:00-19:00
DAY 1 Set the tents 19:300-21:00
DAY 1 Dinner 21:00-22:00
DAY 1 Camping 22:00-06:00
DAY 1 Wake up and have breakfast 08:00-06:00
DAY 2 Boat trip to Sharma islands (Snorkeling – Fishing – Swimming) 08:00-12:00
DAY 2 Lunch in Golden Tulip Hotel 13:00-14:00
DAY 2  Visit Gayal Beach 14:00-16:00
DAY 2 Visiting Ras Shaikh Humaid to watch Teeran and Sanafeer islands and the lost plane 16:00-18:00
DAY 2 Return to camp 18:00-19:00
DAY 2 Chatting session under the moonlight 19:00-21:00
DAY 2 Dinner 21:00-22:00
DAY 2 Camping 22:00-06:00
DAY 3 Wake up and breakfast 06:00-08:00
DAY 3 Visitting Wadi Tayeb Esm 08:30-10:30
DAY 3 Visiting Oyoun Moussa 10:30-13:30
DAY 3 Visiting Mughaiyer Sheiaeb 13:30-14:00
DAY 3 Return to Tabuk 14:00-16:00
DAY 3 Lunch 16:00-17:00
DAY 3 Farewell in Tabuk Airport 17:00-17:30
  • There might be a change in plan in

What masarat Provide?

  • Counseling at all stages of preparation for the trip, including physical and
  • psychological preparation.
  • The necessary permits from the General Authority for Tourism and National Heritage.
  • A professional organizing team which has global experience in nature simulation Equipped with the latest safety tools.
  • Leaders and experienced speakers fluent in English and Arabic.
  • A tour guide.
  • First aid and experienced experts in their use.
  •   Reception and farewell at Prince Sultan Airport in Tabuk.
  • Transports with modern 4*4 cars.
  • drinks and meals .
  • Marine boats hire.
  • An integrated camping camp on the second day equipped with mobile bathrooms and a changing tent.
  • Guides with Wilderness Life Support courses

Equipment required:

  • According to the instructions of the administration, attendance is prohibited in clothing that does not fit the customs and traditions of the community.
  • For the sake of your safety, we ask you to bring the required tools




 What does the participant offer?

  • Trip equipment and personal clothing.
  • Flight from and to Prince Sultan Airport.

Please consult us before booking to arrange suitable time for your arrival.


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