Why Are We Diffrent?

A tour agency certified by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage

Masarat Al Terhal Tour Agency, certified by the Saudi Commission for Tourism and National Heritage, License No. 1500619, (domestic tour operator – departing tour operator)

A professional guiding team that has experience with the wilderness

At Masarat Club, we ensure that our tour guides have experience in climbing peaks and summits in addition to knowing how to survive in the wilderness and how to properly use first aid whenever needed. Our guides are equipped with the latest safety gadgets

Safety and attention to quality represent our most important principles

We pay a great amount of attention to all safety-related issues through proper pre-planning, in addition to maintaining our quality standards in terms of the variety of programs offered, choosing the appropriate time for each trip and the selection of meals and transportation

A diverse selection of
programs and trips

Athe beginning of each season, we aim to design and offer a wide selection of local and international programs that suit different interests, especially that one of our main goals is to revive outdoor activities (especially during the weekends) and to urge locals to go out and explore the areas around them


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About the trip:
Have you ever come to question the historical mysteries hidden in the corners of mountains? Did you ever wonder about the secrets rocks whisper to one

Rated 5.00 out of 5
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Ummluj – SEA TO SKY

About the trip:
A mixture between the ocean and mountain life creating a balance and resulting in time spent on creating fun memories. A perfect adventure for those who do

Rated 5.00 out of 5
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Client Reviews

Well organized, amazing Community. Had a lot of fun and definitely I’m going to go with you guys again
Mona Alturief
I’ve participated in the Mountain biking trip #2, What I love about Masarat that they really take care of the participants’ safety & comfort! Captains are professional and at the same time friendly, well prepared and organized! You see what you are paying for. I’ll definitely come back and join more activities
My review of First Masarat experience:

Finding Masarat was a breath of fresh air!
Being an adrenalin junkie, I never thought that I could experience this in Saudi Arabia! It was such a relief meeting such a group of people who share the same passion experiencing living to the max. Such a professional, heart warming and sincere team, always seeking to raise standards in every trip.
Feedback of my first experience with them, safety and integrity are on top of their priorities.
Way to go Masarat...

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