Tour Reviews

Marwa Halawany
My review of First Masarat experience:

Finding Masarat was a breath of fresh air!
Being an adrenalin junkie, I never thought that I could experience this in Saudi Arabia! It was such a relief meeting such a group of people who share the same passion experiencing living to the max. Such a professional, heart warming and sincere team, always seeking to raise standards in every trip.
Feedback of my first experience with them, safety and integrity are on top of their priorities.
Way to go Masarat...

Sameh AlGhazaly
Hands down Northern coast trip has been the best trip I have ever joined! Masarat club has such an amazing, professional, and dynamic team. They have this magic recipe that make a bunch of individuals who never met before enjoy each other's company as if they are life long friends. Give these guys a try and I promise you will be impressed. I love you Masarat!
Noor AlHumaid
The perfect trip choice after the lockdown. I have nothing to say except, thank you Masarat Club for making it easy to get to know the other side of Saudi Arabia. And big thanks to our guides for their positive energy all along the trip.

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